1. Allow them access to your workforce optimization technologies. Let them play “supervisor” once in a while by evaluating their peers. Definitely let them replay events where they handled a call, their screen was recorded, and results were great. Follow up by asking them why they were great.

  2. Run a weekly contest for the agent who is able to convert the most disgruntled callers back into happy customers. Give a fun prize where they can shine in front of peers.

  3. Set aside daily coaching time – fifteen minutes every day where there are one-on-one training sessions happening. Schedule them within your workforce management system and make them part of everyday agent life.

  4. Introduce your agents to what you’re trying to do with your speech analytics technology – discover keyword phrases which indicate trends. They may be able to help you develop your list of phrases to look for. What a sense of pride it will give them to contribute in this manner!

  5. Use webcam recording capabilities to monitor their body language, demeanor and overall behavior they’re exhibiting when on the phone with a customer. Use these results to provide extra help to those who may simply need additional training.

  6. Allow free access to social networks and encourage agents to participate in company posts and train them in best practices for responding to social customer service. Cross-train them to handle emails, texts, tweets, etc. as everything does point to an omni-channel future.

  7. Investigate what’s available in gamification options. The incentives/rewards process always seems to yield additional motivations.

  8. Let your marketing team have some fun with the agents. They can shoot photos and videos for promotional purposes.

  9. Allow agents to develop mock calls that incorporate web cam usage and appropriate handling of customer situations.  This can inevitably be used to enhance agent performance as well as for training new hires.
  10. Provide a monthly/quarterly reward to an agent who has handled the highest amount of calls successfully or perhaps reached FCR or another KPI objective.
  11. Allow a rolling amount of agents to have 5-10 minute breaks each hour.  This can assist the call center in keeping agents alert and enhance their level of productivity.
  12. Have team pow-wow’s each week/every other week to allow agents to see metrics on how they are performing  and allow them to throw around ideas to improve talk time, handle time and other KPIs which may be important to your organization.
  13. Create an “agent survey” to gather employee feedback every six months or so. Gather and categorize responses and circulate responses to all.
  14. Pose some organizational challenges typically reserved for upper management — and share the best responses with the higher ups. Collaboration like this did wonders for Harley Davidson.
  15. Ask your agents to each create their own business and to display their logo and “company mantra” on their cubicle walls. The best “brand” wins a day off, or a night out on the town.