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– Compliment your self-help tools with real human availability. Build rapport with your best customers. One of the ways you can ensure this develops over time is to evaluate agent performance based on having actual conversations. Count this as the “Understanding” score based on how well the agents connects with the customer. Workforce optimization and quality management tools such as Virtual Observer will allow you to creatively design an evaluation form for this.

– Train your agents to empathize with customers. Feel their pain when they’re frustrated, and absorb their joy when they become delighted. Capture the emotion of the moment by recording the agent’s body language during an interaction. CSI’s Virtual Observer WFO includes optional agent webcam recording.

– Artificial Intelligence can be great, saving companies time and money, but a chatbot can also be annoying at the wrong time if it says the wrong thing. Humans can mistakenly say the wrong thing as well. Make sure you capture your conversations and run them through a speech analytics engine to catch every surprise.

– Make sure to address customers by their first name. It cements the fact there is an actual relationship at work here. This is a standard question included in many eval forms.

– Offer to email customers links to interesting articles they may find helpful, as well as a transcript of your call notes. This will be super appreciated. These can be noted during evaluations as “going beyond the call” using a “notes” capability during the eval process.

– Train your agents to save anecdotes from customer interactions. Capture those stories which arise out of nowhere and enter them in your CRM for your peers to enjoy. They’ll then be able to relate to them. Ensure your CRM platform is integrated with your workforce optimization software for easy carryover of important customer information such as recorded events or chats.

– Utilize workforce optimization solutions such as Virtual Observer which display agent picture alongside dry database fields to make the quality management process more fun and personal for the agentsVirtual Observer - official logo