Get to Know Virtual Observer

The contact center is transforming, and so have we.

Empowering Agents and Improving Customer Experiences

Virtual Observer is a Workforce Optimization (WFO)/Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) solution for contact centers. We pride ourselves on our ability to empower your agents to deliver a higher quality of service and an improved customer experience. This combined value drives growth in both your contact center and in your company’s bottom line.

People Working with People

At the heart of the contact center is the intimate process of people working with people. Your contact center exists for agents to interact with your customers on any channel. You spend all your time and efforts making this process cost efficient, streamlined, and of the highest possible quality of service. We believe the same holds true for service providers. We work closely with our customers and partners every step of the way from initial contact through the sales cycle, project management, implementation and training, ongoing support, and knowledge transfer. Put us to work for you and see how our people continually "get it done," again and again.

Maturity and Experience

Our company, Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) was founded in 1972 as a consulting firm for manufacturers. Our nearly 50 years in business has seen many technological revolutions and weathered many economic storms, both good and bad. Through improbable struggles and massive growth, we've built a level of maturity and experience uncommon for today’s tech companies. Over the years, we've re-invented ourselves time and time again to keep pace with emerging technologies such as mainframes, personal computers, client server, the dawn of the internet, open source, Web2.0/APIs, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and many others in-between.

WFO/WEM Enablement

Contact centers of today look very different than those of the mid 1990's when we shifted from manufacturing and created Virtual Observer. Today’s contact centers are omni-channel, cloud-based, and robotic. Automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence drive everything. Customers expect to reach you from anywhere, at any time, and they expect an immediate response. Virtual Observer is there to help you fulfill these requirements. We work closely with cloud contact centers and CRM providers to WFO/WEM-enable your contact center. Virtual Observer captures all your agent interactions and performance management across all your channels and delivers them directly to your team in your CRM of choice. Don’t learn another software app, embed Virtual Observer in your CRM.

What’s in a Name?

Our company name is still CSI, but in 2019, we officially rebranded ourselves after our flagship product – Virtual Observer. You may still refer to us as CSI. We may still answer the phone as CSI. You may still find us under our old domain name, but we are now officially Virtual Observer.

Empower Your Agents and Drive Customer Loyalty


Revolutionize the efficiency and success of your contact center with a solution that helps you retain high-performing talent and provide the best possible customer experience. Learn more about Virtual Observer or request a demo today.