Unleash the webcams!

CSI is the first call recording and Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution vendor to expand the performance monitoring experience with included real-time and recorded webcam monitoring. As with audio (call) and video (screen) recording, webcam recording is synchronized to allow for supervisors to play back events and recreate the entire agent-customer interaction.

Operational benefits of webcam monitoring:

Behavior – VO Live Webcam helps a supervisor view what the agent is doing while they are on the phone. The webcam view helps prevent distractions where agents may be abusing internet privileges. Are agents spending too much time on their smartphones? This is the specific reason a customer requested we build this feature into our workforce optimization solution. It’s a huge, growing problem, where agents may be too addicted to their social feeds or gaming to give 100% to their work. The feature allows a supervisor to look over their agents (manage agents) without having to be standing behind them.

agent webcam recordingFraud: Using business intelligence in conjunction with , you may be able to review how fraud was committed or how sensitive data was stolen. You may even be able to capture the process, tools used, and more.

Security: It never hurts to be able to go back in time and see what may have started a fire or caused an alarm to go off, or worse, to see where things may have started to go wrong where an agent’s actions might have caused safety violations, impacting themselves or possibly others.

Operational questions which may be answered through agent webcam monitoring:

– Why did the agent have an extended time without activity?
– What may have caused the agent to quit his or her job?
– How has he or she been stealing leads or possibly even customer credit card numbers?

QA benefits of webcam monitoring:

Performance: Webcam monitoring will help supervisors learn where there needs to be improvement (an example would be where an agent looks confused when a customer asks a question, signifying the agent may needs more coaching). Supervisors will also be able to study why performance may be better with certain agents: why some agents are able to multi-task and handle a higher call volume than other agents or why customers respond so well to the agent. Supervisors can review webcam recordings against complaint calls to better understand what was taking place during that customer’s experience. Supervisors can find coaching opportunities in the webcam recordings.

Agent Assistance: Supervisors can review the real-time webcam feed and jump into action to assist where necessary. These recordings can also be used as a coaching tool or in new training classes.

Agent Body Language: Your agents should be looking passionate and cheerful when engaging with your customers. If there are signs of fatigue, disinterest or distraction from your agents, it may be indicative of an agent who is dissatisfied with their job or possibly an alert to something else. Compare your findings with agent performance trends and see what the data proves out.

Performance-related questions which may be answered through agent webcam recording:

– Why was there was an extended hold time?
– Why did the customer have such an irate reaction?
– Why has the agent been scoring decidedly worse over the last week?