We sat down with Alex Braunschweig, Systems Admin in the UC/Collaboration team for Quad Graphics’ Global Infrastructure Services, and asked him to share some feedback on his recent experiences with CSI and Virtual Observer.

How were the Implementation and training processes received?
Alex: “Probably the easiest implementation and training I’ve ever worked on from a vendor. I’ve never had an issue with anyone from CSI with any questions or issues I have brought up. I can always count on them getting answered. Training has always been great too and very flexible with the CSI trainers.”

How did we stack up in terms of cost and value vs. other solutions
Alex: “This was our first step into call recording and I can’t imagine I would want to look at any other product for our deployment. Our Cisco vendor recommended CSI and I can see why. Again just reiterating how nice it is to work with a Vendor and feel like we are on the same team. Trying to complete the same objective.”

Quad Graphics (QG) is a leading global provider of print and media solutions. QG create value for clients by helping them perform better in today’s rapidly changing world through innovative solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce costs, lift response and increase revenue. At Quad, they believe that doing things differently – and better – enhances results and that constant innovation provides customers with more agility and faster speed to market while also creating powerful consumer experiences that drive improved performance.

Coordinated Systems, Inc., (CSI), has thrived on building high-quality, long-term relationships with customers and partners. CSI’s flagship product, Virtual Observer (VO), is a call recording and workforce optimization solution for contact centers. VO provides an extremely high value to price and tremendous customer satisfaction. Features available within Virtual Observer include Call Recording, Quality Monitoring, Interaction Scoring & Evaluation, VO Live Screen & Webcam Real-Time Monitoring for Agent Assistance, Rules-Based Screen Capture. Performance & Trending Reports, Agent Portal & E-Learning, Speech Analytics and Workforce Management.