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A: The agent dashboard that comes with VO’s contact center workforce solution delivers a wide range of benefits to your business. The dashboard provides contact center managers with real-time visibility into agent performance and activity, and it simplifies the complex process of gathering employee data. Some of the most important benefits of dashboard activity and analytics are:

  • Discovering inefficiencies in agent skill sets so you can create programs to train agents in areas of weakness and under-performance.
  • Gaining real-time insight into agent activity to maintain productivity and help with customer interactions if needed.
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and use the dashboard to track if they are being met by agents.
  • Strategize to improve on KPIs including call duration, answer speed, average wait time, number of calls waiting, and average abandonment rate.
  • Generate reports at any rate you want (day, week, month, quarter, etc.) to provide feedback and ensure ongoing performance evaluation.
  • Compare single agents and/or groups or departments to view collective and individual areas for improvement.
  • Alert agents in real time if any compliance issues arise during customer interactions so they can adjust their language and prevent fines or lawsuits down the line.
  • Ultimately motivate agents to improve their own performance with ranking data and metrics so they can measure themselves against their peers.

A: Yes. The benefits of a dashboard also include being able to use it to improve the overall customer experience. Dashboards can help contact centers focus on performance trends that they can strategize to improve so customers get better service from agents. Data about employees that may seem unrelated can be harnessed by analytics tools to show where performance can improve and agents can better communicate with customers.

A: There’s nothing wrong with using the same tools that have helped your business out for years. (After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.) But your competitors and their contact centers are moving at lightning speed to adopt advanced tools that enable them to provide better customer experiences. Workforce management (WFM) solutions take what your contact center does today and brings it into the new era of customer service so you can stay competitive.

A: Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll reduce overstaffing problems because WFM gives you the ability to respond to staffing needs in real time.
  • View contact center volume trends so you can plan for seasonal spikes and scale personnel accordingly and with accuracy.
  • You can build schedules for your staff across multiple branches and channels in minutes.
  • Automate time-off request approvals to reduce time spent on administrative tasks so you can get back to strategy.
  • You’ll be able to give your agents the ability to respond to schedule changes in real time, so they feel heard and empowered. This kind of heightened employee engagement gives them control and workplace satisfaction.

A: Remember: when your employees feel empowered, they do better work. Managing your workforce with the right contact center solution gives your employees a sense of purpose and fulfillment. They, in turn, will deliver better customer experiences. VO workforce management helps you streamline your entire contact center’s workflow with automation so your employees can deliver the best possible customer experiences.

A: With VO, you can ensure your agents are doing their best to provide optimal customer experiences. Our quality management solution allows you to take every interaction with your customers as an opportunity to learn from, strengthen, and grow your customer base. You’ll be able to shape the evolution of your contact center with quality monitoring and management tools that give you unique insight into both your agents and customers. VO’s tool also provides VO Live for Agent Assistance, which enables managers to take control of agent screen activity in real time to provide instant intervention.

A: We begin with the monitoring and analysis of your contact center’s captured interactions. This data can include communications from any number of channels including audio, screen, chat, email, social, and others. Through integrated scoring and evaluation, you can streamline your quality monitoring process regardless of interaction type. With the ability to view an agent’s workday in a visual timeline, supervisors get a clear understanding of what agents do throughout the day. VO’s Agent Portal also provides a window into quality monitoring for agents themselves. They can compare their KPIs to their peers. The ultimate result of implementing quality monitoring and management is the assurance that you’re providing the best possible experience for your customers.

A: The era of customer service is changing. Customers no longer want to simply make a call to get something done. They want to communicate with your business through the avenues they are most comfortable with. Those avenues include email, chat, text, social media, and others. Omni-channel recording lets you reach your customers – and lets them reach you in return – in ways they prefer.

Omni-channel and time recording tools also allow you to leverage all the data your contact center processes to maximize those customer interactions. Each touchpoint is an opportunity to learn more about your customers, and time recording tools give you that visibility. VO’s call recording solution specifically helps you forecast customer engagements, increase first-contact resolution, and reduce average handling time. By leveraging all that data and information from your customer interactions through VO call recording, you’ll boost agent performance and productivity and improve your customers’ experiences.

A: We provide call center quotes quickly. Contact us here to request a call center quote and/or view a demo!