Customizable Workforce Engagement Solutions

Virtual Observer customizes its contact center and workforce management solutions per your market’s needs.

No two contact centers are the same – Virtual Observer understands that.

Each industry has unique KPIs, goals, requirements, and concerns that we address with omnichannel access through our innovative contact center recording solution.

By giving agents access to information across multiple communication avenues, and helping you service your customers with the highest quality agent experience, Virtual Observer attends to your industry’s need for a high-performing wfo contact center environment.

No matter your industry, we bring our workforce management experience to your table. We’re eager to learn what makes your business different from your competitors and how we can make you more competitive with the right technology. Whether you are sales-focused, solution-oriented, or consultative, we’ve got a contact center workforce engagement solution that will help you address your customer needs.

Different industries require different tools. We service:


The unique care healthcare organizations require lies in our expertise. Our contact center workforce engagement solution helps your agents instantly and accurately address customer needs while keeping your entire system compliant with HIPAA.


Ensure your customers come back to you by providing an exceptional customer engagement experience through the omnichannel communication possibilities with Virtual Observer.


We understand your priority is your customer's agent experience. That's why our workforce engagement solution is built around helping you enable agents to personalize communication, analyze each interaction, and process omnichannel data to improve future customer experiences.


The customer expectation of insurance companies continues to shift, and Virtual Observer works alongside your business to address each customer's need with real time speech analytics and visibility. Our workforce engagement solution helps you take data and turn it into customer retention.

Get a Workforce Engagement Solution for Your Contact Center That Meets Your Industry’s Needs


Ensure your contact center's success with the industry's most powerful tool to address customer satisfaction, real time speech analytics, workforce management, and advanced reporting.