Facing a challenge due to their surging growth rate, Listen Clear set out to find an affordable and scalable workforce management solution which would handle their spiking staffing numbers and help them field all calls. They were missing 20% of their call volume.

Listen Clear is a fast-paced startup specializing in breakthrough hearing devices which everyone can afford. Combining years of expertise in audiology and sound engineering, the Listen Clear leadership team has listened to thousands of hearing loss stories.

Part of Listen Clear’s success is in the emphasis on customer experience and hiring for their call center. Their in-house phone representatives have been trained, tested and trained again in the ins-and-outs and bells and whistles that come with the hearing devices. Agent goals are to listen and answer any question a customer could possibly ask about the devices and provide the right solution to their hearing loss. Problem is, how can they achieve these goals when they’re only interacting with 80% of their callers?

Emily Hall, the “Director of Talent Acquisition and Administration”, was instrumental in the selection and roll-out of the workforce management technology which would help them achieve the necessary objective of optimal agent staffing. “We had to get a solution up and working fast, and within our startup budget. Mission accomplished!” Emily stated.

Listen Clear exceeded their objective of reducing missed calls down to 15%. The number is now at 9.9%. They were also able to flatten call center costs as a result of the new solution. Reducing costs are always a key objective, as evident in the original selection of the Five9 cloud contact center solution, a SaaS-based telephony environment designed to be reliable, secure, compliant and scalable. Five9 was also a huge influencer in introducing Listen Clear to CSI and the VO workforce management (wfm) solution, which was integrated with Five9 and ready to go.

CSI’s Virtual Observer U-wfm solution offered agent scheduling and forecasting with an intuitive user interface, scalable and affordable pricing model and a complete cloud-based architecture which fit nicely within Listen Clear’s lean IT and operating philosophies. The solution offers a quick ramp up, ongoing training as needed, and pre-built integration to essential Five9 metadata for telephony intelligence.

When asked about which Key Performance Indicators Listen Clear will be tracking with the solution, Emily replied “# of calls missed was our hot-point. Of course, this transfers to sales – missed calls=missed opportunities. Since then, sales have grown from $12m to $60m. The # of agents in our call center has gone from 20 as a startup to 110 efficiently scheduled agents!”

Emily was also eager to applaud CSI’s staff in helping to optimize process changes or to suggest operational changes to help accomplish specific and unique requirements. “They have responded to every need we’ve had, which has included some customizations which are unique to our industry,” she exclaimed.

“By far, my favorite feature in the solution is all the automation it brings to our internal manual tasks. For example, when my agents request time off, the schedule will automatically update upon approval,” she added.

When asked about what went into the selection of CSI, she stated “We selected the solution because it came highly recommended by Five9 and it was the one which most fit our budget. As a start-up, cost was a big factor. We needed scheduling features to meet our expected growth. It was also important to not have to ramp up internal IT resources to support a new technology.”

The decision to adopt Virtual Observer’s WFM was a huge success on all fronts.

“The solution was rolled out quickly and began generating an ROI very soon after implementation,” Emily said.  “Support has been fantastic. They’re super responsive. They respond in a heartbeat. They treat us like we’re a million dollar company.”

Coordinated Systems, Inc., (CSI), enjoying over 45 years in business, has thrived on building high-quality, long-term relationships with customers and partners. CSI’s flagship product, Virtual Observer (VO), is a call recording and workforce optimization solution for contact centers. VO supports nearly all telephony platforms. VO provides an extremely high value to price and tremendous customer satisfaction.