Virtual Observer Customers: Making a Cloud Telephony Transition?

In today's fast-changing technology climate, many companies are considering moving their telephony infrastructure to the cloud, if they haven't already made such a change.

Anticipating this trend, CSI was an early adopter – our Virtual Observer Cloud WFO platform has been offered for over 5 years and has been proven across a multitude of market segments, telephony integrations points, and business sizes.

We are reaching out today to make sure you are aware of Virtual Observer's cloud-ready status.

Virtual Observer has native integrations and partnerships with many of the leading cloud contact center omni-channel platforms.

Is your organization in the process of considering or evaluating a migration to a hosted solution? CSI can point you in the right direction with a list of our existing partners.

Are you considering moving to a cloud telephony platform?

Have you chosen a cloud telephony provider?

The benefits of moving to a cloud contact center service are well known:

lower, predictable cost model (OpEx model vs. CapEx)
managed IT services reduces need for internal resources & hardware
faster deployment
greater scalability
more agile and transformative process improvements
Most importantly: your on-premise investment in Virtual Observer can be transitioned to your new cloud environment painlessly.

Even if you are considering new cloud options from Avaya and Cisco, keep your options open and know we are here to help!

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