Omni-Channel Recording Solutions

Turn every customer engagement interaction into valuable data you use to transform your business.

Why Use Omni-Channel Recording?

When your customers contact your organization, you take in troves of data from each interaction. But are you truly leveraging all that data to your benefit?

Every interaction and touchpoint in your contact center becomes an instance to capture crucial information about your customers and employees. Omni-channel recording introduces tools and features to help you maximize all your customer interactions to improve the way your contact center operates.

A few quick benefits of using omni-channel recording with screen capture include:

  • Boosting agent performance and productivity by evaluating customer interactions.
  • Improving your customers' overall experience by enabling them to communicate with your well-trained agents through their preferred method, including voice, chat, email, social and more.
  • Forecasting customer engagements by using historical data that help display trends and behavior with analytics.
  • Increasing first-contact resolution.
  • Reducing average handle time.
  • Guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

How Does Omni-Channel Recording Work?

Virtual Observer's omni-channel recording technology employs the industry's most advanced recording tools for contact centers to capture voice, screens and transcripts for all of your supported interactions.

Our workforce management solution captures omni-channel interactions with associated metadata allowing you to search, evaluate, and index recordings of any kind from any channel.  Using automation, agent desktop screen captures are synchronized with the captured interactions providing you with a multimedia experience unlike any other in the industry; and the screen capturing process is uniquely cloud friendly too!

Omni-channel recording solutions, automates the capturing of the entire interaction for both agents and customers, presenting a 360-degree view of what both parties experienced. This enablement gives you a holistic perspective on how your agents are performing and what your customers are taking away.

Our workforce optimization solution includes:

  • Audio Recording with Screen Capture
  • Chat Screen and Transcript Recording
  • Email Screen and Transcript Recording
  • Social Screen and Transcript Recording
  • Back Office Screen Recording

Let’s face it, sometimes one-size does not fit all. You may have deployed audio from one vendor, chat and email from another vendor, social monitoring from another, and CRM from yet another vendor. Rest assured, we integrate with all the big players. It’s common for Virtual Observer to capture audio from one technology stack, chat, email and social from another, collect time-on-task and ACD stats from all of them, compile, compute, mix and swirl, and place it all in your CRM of choice. Simple? Not really, but very powerful and very proven. Show us your tech stack and we’ll show you a workforce management solution.

Your contact center needs the right technology to compete. Omni-channel recording with Virtual Observer takes you to the next level.

With the right omni-channel recording solution, you can:

If you’re in an industry that requires securing and storing customer or sensitive data in any way, Virtual Observer’s omni-channel recording can assist with your regulatory requirements. Meet PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, etc. compliance requirements head on, and ensure your data remains protected either on your premises or in our cloud.

With advanced tools available through Virtual Observer's omni-channel recording, you can analyze call data to create predictions and gain insight into customer interactions, preferences, and value.

When you have the granular level of insight into your customer interactions that omni-channel recording gives you, you can overhaul your employee productivity. Enable your operation to be as efficient as possible with voice and real time speech analytics and data from your valuable recorded interactions.

That trove of data becomes neat piles of organized information with omni-channel recording. Metadata tagging, and other automated organizational capabilities mean you capture everything, you lose track of nothing, and your contact center maximizes the use of all data available.

Empower Your Agents and Drive Customer Loyalty


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