Virtual Observer WFOA dental lab products provider out of California, established in 1970, needed a call recording and quality management solution which would be able to transition from their legacy Siemens phone system to a newer Cisco system. With more than 4,000 employees globally and multiple call centers handling over 13,000 calls per day, they needed a scalable solution which would allow for agent performance improvement and process time gains.

The existing call recording method consisted of manual handheld devices and a great amount of wasted time. “We were hopeful to find a solution which would improve poor service and agent performance issues, as well as solve compliance concerns and identify training needs. Virtual Observer helped us turn this situation around,” offered the center’s IT and operations lead.

“We have an extremely aggressive service level target of 94% of calls answered in 9 Seconds,” he added, “and now we’ve got a way of getting there.”

In starting out the search for a new call recording solution, the project leader looked at all of the industry leaders but also considered the Virtual Observer (VO) solution. The company distributed an RFP to all of the competing vendors. A comprehensive process yielded a small number of finalists, including Virtual Observer, which won points for:

  • Dramatically lower cost-of-ownership
  • Ability to support a pending phone system transition by working in both Siemens ROLM (legacy) and Cisco Active environments
  • Robust set of included quality monitoring features
  • Real-time, Drill-Down Dashboard Analytics
  • Ability to phase in future requirements like WFM and Speech Analytics

“One of the most valuable benefits Virtual Observer provides us is the potential to transform our average performers into amazing performers,” the company’s project leader added. “Using features such as the event player to play back screens and calls, along with the ability to evaluate the entire customer experience at the same time without a zillion pop-up windows is a usability breakthrough.”

Overall, Coordinated System, Inc.’s (CSI) project management team exceeded expectations by rolling out the implementation on time and without any surprises. The training received was delivered onsite in Irvine, CA and was very well received. Support provided post-implementation has been incredibly favorable, according to a customer survey collected by CSI.

When asked about the kinds of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tracked with Virtual Observer, the Operations manager responded excitedly with “First Call Resolution!”. “The way they measure FCR is amazing, providing huge benefits for us as the numbers improve.”

The company recently expanded operations to include a contact center in Europe and have recently transitioned to Cisco VoIP.

Internally, the centers are evolving from isolated “call” centers to a centralized, multi-channel “contact center” which handles social media response, web chat, email as well as audio.

It’s also important that a workforce optimization solution such as Virtual Observer is in place to not only scale with expansion, but also be able to incorporate multi-channel recording and quality monitoring as needed. “Not only has Virtual Observer given us greater insights into an agent’s performance, but it also gives us a future-proof key to achieving our contact center objectives,” said the project manager.