Speech Analytics for Contact Centers

Analyze every customer interaction and gain insight into what customers say, write, and – most importantly – feel.

Why Use Speech Analytics?

With speech analytics, you not only get a window into your customers' experiences, you do so with the most powerful AI-Driven technologies available. This tool allows you to wrangle all aspects of your customer interactions to truly grasp what people are experiencing when they call, text, email, or engage your contact center via social media.

Speech analytics allows you to go beyond just processing data. It gives you the ability to make better decisions for your contact center based on customer-centric intelligence and features that enable you to distill data into accessible information for executives and agents alike.

A few quick benefits of using speech analytics include the ability to:

  • Search quickly and answer your company's most important questions.
  • Easily search through vast amounts of data to find what you're looking for.
  • Improve agent delivery and overall customer experience.
  • Measure customer satisfaction and take action on customer retention.
  • Identify and verify trends with product issues or desired improvements.
  • Automate team tasks such as interaction scoring, tagging, and more.
  • Generate immediate return and watch Virtual Observer's Speech Analytics pay for itself.

How Does Speech Analytics Work?

Virtual Observer Speech Analytics does the listening for you, and includes several advanced product features and tools that employ elements of artificial intelligence and machine learning to capture more than just what your customers say, write, and feel.

Speech-to-text transcription

Index all your recorded interactions using a speech-to-text engine that supports speaker-separated transcription. This capability gives you the power to mine the content of recorded interactions to perform critical searches and automate your most time-consuming quality processes.

AI/Machine Learning

Virtual Observer speech recognition is based on deep neural networks, support vector maching learning (SVM), and Gaussian mixture model. Supervised machine learning is used for speech recognition and emotion detection.

Automated call categorization

Gain the ability to automatically mark recorded interactions with tags to find the key interactions you need with ease and speed.  Automated speech tools enable better productivity, script adherence, and language tracking.

Automated call tagging and scoring

Gain the ability to automatically mark calls with priority tags to find the key calls you need with ease and speed. Automated speech tools enable better productivity, script adherence, and language tracking.

With the right speech analytics solution, you can bring the voice of the customer to life.

Virtual Observer’s Speech Analytics solution enables:

  • Industry low cost of ownership with the processing of 100% of your recorded omnichannel interactions.  No pay per consumption model!
  • Vital insights into the voice of the customer that can be used to improve processes.
  • The diagnosis of key operational issues, giving you the information and insight you need to fine-tune internal processes.
  • Unrivaled implementation and training success

Virtual Observer’s Speech Analytics software takes you beyond just features and innovative tools. It allows you to boost sales opportunities by measuring campaigns and listening for key buying indicator phrases. Through such a tool, managers can identify which lost opportunities may have been won if handled differently or by other agents.

Get powerful, actionable business intelligence with speech analytics software that allows you to visualize the way your contact center performs.

Empower Your Agents and Drive Customer Loyalty


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