Voice of the Customer Surveys

Measure customer perception of agent performance to improve Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES).

Why Use Surveying?

Voice of the Customer Analytics gives you a revolutionary view of your customer experience.

Your customer experiences are treasure troves of information waiting for your contact center to discover them. Surveying allows you to get a customer’s perspective on each interaction for its worth, using data to your contact center's advantage, and improving every agent performance through voice analytics software.

Measure and Improve

To improve a process, you first need to measure it. Voice of the customer analytics does just that. It helps you measure “are our customers promoting us”, “how hard are they working to use our products and services”, “how do they feel about our agent’s quality of service”, “what is our customers overall satisfaction”, and more.

Enable real-time, drill-down analytics.

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you need are represented in dashboards throughout the hierarchy of your organization. Plus, you can measure the number of surveys sent to your customers – per campaign – including actual response rates.

Ease of use and web-based tools.

Virtual Observer supports numerous communication channels to communicate with your customer, giving the customer simple ways to respond.  Customers can unsubscribe, but if they choose to respond, your customized form with your questions and your weighted responses are presented in a clean branded fashion.

How Does Surveying Work?

With Virtual Observer's Voice of the Customer Survey, the flexibility of numerous communication channels assists with obtaining the customer's view of a recorded interaction quickly.

Once a customer completes a survey, the results are stored in your Virtual Observer cloud instance (or on prem) for immediate review. Then, you analyze them using numerous realtime dashboards and reports for any number of KPIs.  Surveys are uniquely associated with the recorded interactions.

With this data, you can measure your customer experience in previously unseen ways. Virtual Observer Surveys specifically target the customers who have just completed interactions with your organization, and they deliver immediate feedback on products, service levels, and brand perception.

Surveying Gives Insight Into Your Customer That You’ve Never Had Before.

Enable your contact center to stay competitive and intelligent with a survey solution that provides benefits including:

  • Faster feedback collection that creates actionable intelligence.
  • Unlimited form creation for maximum creative flexibility across all communication channels.
  • A unique delivery method that generates improved response rates.
  • The ability to extend reach and produce immediate results.
  • Elimination of misinterpretation and a better understanding of sticky situations.
  • Feedback diversion that may otherwise be vented socially if negative.
  • Commitment to your customer engagement.

Empower Your Agents and Drive Customer Loyalty


Revolutionize the efficiency and success of your contact center with a solution that helps you retain high-performing talent and provide the best possible customer experience. Learn more about Virtual Observer or request a demo today.