Can we record our live chat sessions so we can score them?
Yes – Virtual Observer can be setup to trigger recording when a chat session begins, regardless of the chat system used. Using the same logic, we can also capture email, social interactions, etc, allowing users to then evaluate the interaction as simply as they would an audio call.

How can we calibrate our evaluation sessions?
Calibrations can be done by a simple check box on the evaluation header. This flags the evaluation for calibration purpose and is easily identified for analysis.

Can we query past or archived recordings using Speech Analytics?
Yes – From within the integrated “Call Insight” user interface, Virtual Observer offers an “ad hoc” querying feature which allows you to search through past events for specific words or phrases. These can also be saved for later use.

How do we share highly scored calls for training purposes?
Virtual Observer offers many different ways to share recordings and their subsequent scorecards with other departments. We offer a packaging function that allows users to email a link to the recording. From this link, the recipients can also access all of it’s scorecards. The packaging function will also email the actual recording and scoring files to the recipient if they are not in the user community, depending on defined security parameters, enabled permissions and de-encryption settings, of course.

Are the dashboard reports in real-time?
Yes – the dashboards offer real time analytics – representing the specified date ranges or saved query parameters. The dashboard reports can also be set to refresh automatically at a specified time interval.