Virtual Observer Ensures Your Contact Center Success

Whether you need project management, support, training or customizations, Virtual Observer works alongside you, every step of the way, so you stay happy with your workforce optimization solution.

Technology is only as good as the people who stand behind it. That’s why we stand by our installations. We dedicate our team of project managers to your success by using a mature process we’ve honed from over two decades of experience and hands-on implementations.

With Virtual Observer, you’ll work with a contact center solutions provider that has an unmatched success rate in the industry.

What to Expect

Your project will be broken down into the following phases:

1. Plan

  • Kick off with a meeting and sales order review to make sure we’re on the same page.
  • Establish dedicated project managers so you know who is responsible for which actions and what are the expectations of each party.
  • Establish frequency of status meetings and block off established time slots.
  • Walk through security considerations.

2. Design

  • Create scope for all the pieces, parts, and timeline of your project.
  • Establish milestones, objectives, and deadlines to ensure expectations.
  • Ensure security considerations and compliance requirements are being met.

3. Build

  • Prepare systems and resources – pre-build, pre-package, and get ready for launch.
  • Deploy - install, configure, activate, and go live!
  • Ensure security across the board.

4. Train

  • Perform multiple training sessions with break-outs if needed.
  • Optionally “train the trainer” to ensure your trainers prepare the whole team.
  • Get on-site installation should you need in-person help.
  • Remote or virtual assistance is available in the cloud as well.
  • Review security considerations ensuring the right people have the right access.

5. Succeed

  • Receive a dedicated account representative.
  • Perform repetitive reviews and audits.
  • Get technical support.
  • Perform deep dives and retraining if needed.
  • Assist with knowledge transfer for turnover and new hires.
  • Implement customizations for final mile requirements.
  • Determine if you need one-off integrations and custom programming.
  • Consider ongoing security.

In today’s ever-evolving, highly technical landscape, people are the ones who determine the outcome of projects. We’ve designed a path to success that we’ve developed over our many years of experience installing contact center solutions, and we dedicate our project management skills to your team. We’d love to get to know your business and needs to discover how we can launch you into the future.