The Virtual Observer (VO) VoIP call quality monitoring suite offers a heightened level of security and payment card industry (PCI) compliance.

Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI), of East Hartford, CT, is pleased to announce that Virtual Observer can now encrypt your recorded customer interactions, helping you to meet PCI compliance. VO also allows for enhanced granular security control, agent auditing, as well as automatic archiving, purging, and 24/7 support for mission critical incidents.

Media Encryption allows companies to comply with the PCI publications by encrypting all audio and screen recording for mass storage. Events are stored in 256-bit “Advanced Encryption Standard” data files. Playback is only allowed for authenticated users of Virtual Observer. Authentication must pass through multiple security stops on its’ own: Windows authentication, PC/System authentication, and Virtual Observer user authentication.

PCI Compliance is a complete enterprise wide initiative within the “Payment Card Industry”, started by Visa and other credit card companies, to create secure operating environments for companies that handle sensitive credit card information. Similar to ISO 9000, PCI compliance uses a published list of standards that must be met for certification. The standard covers many different touch points throughout the enterprise and Virtual Observer now contains the elements necessary to be considered PCI Compliant. Virtual Observer’s Media Encryption covers many aspects of PCI compliance, one small piece being that stored copies of credit card info (Either spoken or visual) must be encrypted and who has accessed that info must be tracked.

VO’s Agent Auditing functionality is another crucial component of PCI compliance. The feature offers complete data and program audit tracking to know who has viewed, changed or deleted which media / data.

Auto-Archiving will automatically store events to DVD-ram, network drive, network backup utility or network attached storage . This allows VO administrators the ability to flag specific calls that are to remain in the event log, and not to be purged or archived. VO can also automatically purge events based on parameters such as date, type, size, etc.., allowing you to maintain a virtually unlimited size hard drive of VO recorded events, evaluations and reports.

VO allows administrators the ability to determine security settings for all users, from feature access to button display. This kind of granular security, combined with Media Encryption, Agent Auditing, Auto Archiving and Auto Purge combines to deliver an intensely secure solution.

Recent enhancements to the core Virtual Observer quality monitoring solution include many new quality assurance features, such as “Voice and Screen Annotation”, which allows supervisors to insert voice notes or screen notes into any recorded event. VO is an industry-leading quality monitoring solution which enables customers to record audio via VoIP, Analog/TDM, or a hybrid version of both. VO can record either all calls or a random sampling of calls using any of the aforementioned recording methods.

Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been in business since 1972. CSI employs a “Start Small, Think Big” philosophy that allows call centers to use a phased approach and still receive a high impact return on investment when implementing voip call recording and quality monitoring technology. Virtual Observer supports a large variety of VoIP and TDM/Legacy phone systems: Cisco, Avaya, 3COM, Siemens, Nortel, Mitel, as well as any SIP-enabled VoIP systems.