Maintaining contact center quality assurance is every contact center’s persistent challenge. While contact center managers and agents may be bent on providing the most superior customer experience, ensuring that every single interaction is up to par can remain a thorn. With potentially hundreds or even thousands of agents in a contact center, how can the business guarantee quality assurance? The answer lies in the right quality management solution. The right technology will ensure that each agent is being held accountable for providing the best possible customer experience, and it will help managers do their jobs. Below are the five components in a contact center quality management solution you should look for when making this important technology choice for your contact center:

1. Recording Omni-Channel Interactions

Customers want to be able to connect with customer service representatives through a variety of channels today. Whether those channels be voice calls, emails, texts, chatbots, or social media, your contact center’s quality management solution needs to be able to capture all interactions. The ideal quality management solution also allows managers and supervisors the ability to view recorded interactions in a timeline display to provide a visual representation of an agent’s workday. Only with accurate recordings of all audio, screen, chat, email, and social interactions will you then be able to monitor and analyze your data. With these captured interactions, your contact center will glean insight into which agents need help and how to steer the workforce.

2. Pinpointing Agents in Need of Remediation

Once you have your recorded interactions, you can evaluate which areas of your contact center need improvement. You can set new standards for what is considered a superior customer experience and from there decide which agents need help. With your standard in place, you will be able to analyze interactions to figure out what agents should continue doing, what they should cease doing, and perhaps what should change slightly.

With the ideal quality management solution, you’ll even be able to identify agents that need instant intervention through live assistance. You can monitor and take control of agent performance and screen activity in real-time to remediate customer interactions before they worsen.

3. eLearning, Training, and Delivering Agent Reviews

To promote collaboration and improve agent performance, your quality management solution should give agents a looking glass into the quality management process. With this kind of visibility, agents can feel empowered to meet standards and improve their own work because they will be able to review their own recorded interactions. They can compare their KPIs to their peers and receive targeted training tools based on certain scores.

4. Tracking Progress to Ensure Agents are Adjusting to Expectations

With the ability to view recorded interactions in the timeline view mentioned above, managers and supervisors can gain clear insight into agent progress. You’ll be able to initiate playback of recorded interactions directly from that timeline and see clearly which interactions met standards through color coding. These tools ensure that supervisors can track the short and long-term efforts of agents to meet company standards and adjust to any new goals.

5. Improving Overall Customer Service and Satisfaction

With a host of other features including integrated scoring and evaluation and employee engagement tools, your agents will feel empowered and driven to provide the customer experience your customers dream of. The right quality management solution will give you both broad insight into how to improve customer satisfaction and meet goals while also providing granular visibility into crucial individual interactions. With both sets of data, your contact center will be able to address customer needs with a personalized touch.

If you have any questions about what to look for in a quality management solution for your contact center, contact Virtual Observer today. Our industry experience is unmatched, and we’re ready to help your business deliver the customer experience that will entrench your brand with your customers. As the industry innovator in quality management for contact centers, Virtual Observer is ready to help you grow.