Five9 to acquire Virtual Observer, an innovative provider of cloud-based
WFO/WEM solutions to empower your agents to efficiently
deliver higher quality service.

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Our Workforce Engagement Management Solutions


Virtual Observer, (formally known as csi), is a complete contact center and workforce management solution that optimizes your agents and elevates your customer engagement & experience. VO allows you to access and analyze your omni-channel interactions to improve your overall agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Virtual Observer has revolutionized the contact center experience for both the employee and customer. 

Our Product Suite


Improve agent performance by WEM
enabling your CRM system


Analyze every interaction to gain insight into what customers say, write and feel


Make every interaction an opportunity to improve the customer experience


Monitor, manage, and meet customer expectations


Workforce Management (WFM)

Increase agent engagement, maintain optimal agent coverage


Measure perception of agent performance to improve CSAT, CES and NPS scores

Virtual Observer has empowered our customers with a comprehensive product suite that provides valuable and customizable workforce optimization software and solutions.

Our Team Gets It Done Right the First Time


From our initial workforce engagement, to project management, then training solutions and ongoing technical support, the Virtual Observer team will ensure you do it once and you do it right.

 See what our customers are saying about the value Virtual Observer has provided to their organizations.

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